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Concord Fall 2019 Soccer Development Program Registration Opens July 1


The Soccer Development Program (SDP) follows Concord Soccer's Mission in providing instruction and games in the sport of soccer for the youth in our community. Our approach fosters character development, sportsmanship, skill acquisition and fun in a positive, respectful environment.  The SDP is not competitive for levels Kiddie Kicker thru U10 and is focused on player development.  That means that no standings or won-loss records are kept by the Club, and there are no championships or playoffs.

Fall and Spring soccer are offered in the soccer development program.  Volunteers are key to our program.  The club needs volunteers to process registrations, organize teams, line fields, prepare equipment, serve snacks and coach.  Please consider donating your talent, skill and time to our club -- get involved and give back to your community.  All our development team coaches are volunteers.  Head and assistant coaches are needed at every age group.  We encourage moms and dads to get involved as coaches.  The Club provides clinics and materials for those interested in coaching or assistant coaching.  Please agree to volunteer during the online registration.

A player will be assigned to an age group by the registration system based on the year they are born. Please note, this is done by the system during registration. 

Age Groups
Kiddie Kicker I Boys and Girls:  4 year olds born in 2015
Kiddie Kickers II Boys and Girls:  5 year olds born in 2014
U-8 Boys and Girls:  6-7 year olds born in 2012 or 2013
U-10 Boys & Girls:  8-9 year olds born in 2010 or 2011
U-12 Boys & Girls:  10-11 year olds born in 2008 or 2009
U-14 Boys & Girls:  12-13 year olds born in 2006 or 2007
U-19 Girls:  14-18 year olds born in 2001 through 2005

All teams will be formed based on birth year, and team formation will be gender specific.

Kiddie Kicker I:  Teams will meet for one hour on Saturdays at Talley Day Park ("TDP").  The first 30 minutes will consist of practice exercises and games that emphasize skill development.  The second 30 minutes will consist of game play against other members of the team.   

Kiddie Kicker II:  Teams will meet at TDP for a one-hour practice session during the week (Mon-Thurs) and for one hour on Saturdays.  On Saturdays, the first 30 minutes will consist of practice exercises and games that emphasize skill development.  The second 30 minutes will consist of game play against other members of the team. 

U8:  Teams will train once during the week (Mon-Thurs) at TDP for a one hour and play games on Saturdays at TDP against other Concord U8 teams.  Two side-by-side games of 4 v 4 (without a GK) will last 60 minutes.   

U10:  Teams will train once during the week (Mon-Thurs) at a designated North Wilmington field and play games on Saturdays against other Concord U10 teams at the Concord Complex (the "Complex"), 2503 Naamans Road, Wilmington, DE.  Games of 7 v 7 (including a GK) will last 60 minutes.  

U12:  Teams will train twice during the week (Mon-Fri) at a designated North Wilmington field and play games on Saturdays against U12 teams from other local clubs.  Games of 9 v 9 (including a GK) will last 60 minutes.  Home games will be at the Complex.  

U14 and above:  Teams will train twice during the week (Mon-Fri) at a designated North Wilmington field and play games on Saturdays against teams from other local clubs.  Games of 11 v 11 (including a GK) will last 75 minutes.  Home games will be either at the Complex or Hanby Elementary School, 2523 Berwyn Road, Wilmington, DE. 

Whether Concord Soccer will field a team at a level U14 and above is dependent on 16 players and 2 parent coaches signing up by August 9. Once a team is formed, parents will need to complete registration and make payment.

Registration Fees
Kiddie Kicker I:  $55
Kiddie Kicker II:  $80
U8:  $100
U10 and above:  $110

Late Fee:  A $25 fee will be charged on all registrations permitted after August 16.

Discounts:  A multi-player discount of $25 is applied during checkout to a family that registers MORE than two players, that is, three or more players.  No early-bird discount will be given.

Refunds:  Refunds may be requested by email to [email protected] before the second Saturday.  Refunds are made by check, less a $10 processing fee, and mailed to the player's residence in due course. 

*** IMPORTANT – Availability of a spot on a team is not guaranteed, even if registration is open. Team spots are based on the number of teams, coaches and practice space available. Age groups do fill and close before registration is closed for the overall program.

Registration is done online at, and payment is made with a Visa credit card.  You will be asked during registration for what nights your player is able to practice.  You will then receive an email receipt if you have registered successfully.
Special Requests:  Concord Soccer will not honor special requests, including carpool, playing for a particular coach and requesting friends as teammates.  Our club's philosophy is to meet new friends, families and coaches in our community through soccer.  

Required Equipment:  For all games and practices,
- All players must wear shin guards;
- All players with braces must wear protective mouthpieces;
- Players may not wear any jewelry (e.g., Bracelets, necklaces and earings);
- Players must have filled water bottle for proper hydration.

Soccer shoes, versus sneakers, are optional at the Kiddie Kicker levels.  Soccer shoes are strongly recommended U8 and up.

For Kiddie Kicker through U10, players are required to wear Concord red/white reversible jerseys unless teams are sponsored, in which case they will be given a T-shirt.  The reversible jerseys may be purchased for $20 and picked up at Talley Day Park field the first two Saturdays between 9am and 12pm.

For U12 and above, players are required to wear the Concord Soccer Adidas uniform kit (red short sleeve jersey, red shorts and red socks), which can be purchased locally (purchase information will be provided).

Weather Cancellation Policy:  The cancellation of practice due to weather is decided and communicated by a team’s coach.  Game cancellations are decided by the club and posted on the website no later than 7:00am on game day.  Should the weather worsen during the day, the decision to cancel is to be made by the game referee, or in the case of younger players, by the coaches.  Games cancelled due to weather will not be rescheduled later in the season.

Coaches:  Thank you for volunteering.  Your attendance is requested at a pre-season meeting in March to discuss logistics for the upcoming season.

Key Dates
Registration opens July 1.
Registration closes August 16.
Opening Day is Saturday, September 7.
Practices begin Monday, September 9 (U12 and older teams may begin practice 1-2 weeks earlier).
Closing Day is Saturday November 2.

Information will be available online and parents will be contacted with player-team and game information by August 29. 

Snacks:  An after-game snack if desired should be organized by team parents. 

Questions not answered by the above, please send an email to [email protected]

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