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Concord Soccer - Delaware


Welcome To The Concord Soccer Representative Soccer Tryout Information Page.  We hope this information will help you choose to tryout for Concord Soccer! 

Team1st Tryout2nd Tryout
2009 Boys7v7Wednesday, May 3Wednesday, May 10
2008 Boys7v7Monday, April 10Tuesday, April 25
2007 Boys9v9Monday, April 10Monday, April 24
2006 Boys9v9Monday, April 10Wednesday, April 26
2005 Boys11v11Monday, April 10Thursday, April 27
2004 Boys11v11Monday, April 10Tuesday, April 25
2003 Boys11v11Monday, April 10Monday, April 24
2002 Boys11v11TBDTBD
2009 Girls7v7Wednesday, May 3Wednesday, May 10
2008 Girls7v7Wednesday, May 3
Wednesday, May 10
2007 Girls9v9Monday, May 8Monday, May 15
2006 Girls9v9Tuesday, April 11Tuesday, May 2
2005 Girls11v11Tuesday, April 11Wednesday, May 3
2004 Girls11v11Tuesday, April 11Monday, April 24
2003 Girls 11v11Thursday, May 4Thursday, May 11
2002 Girls11v11Thursday, May 4
Thursday, May 11
2001 Girls11v11Thursday, May 4
Thursday, May 11

* June 1 is an alternate date for the 2003, 2002, 2001 Girls 

-In June, Concord Soccer will host a new team and new player-parent information night. 

-In July on Wednesday nights we hold open club play nights.  Boys and girls from all ages and levels play pickup games with minimal coaching.

-August pre-season training begins - with twice a week practices.

-Teams attend 1 or 2 tournaments during the Fall and Spring seasons - usually one during season and another either during the preseason or post season. 

-Optional and affordable Winter training.

The following are the most commonly asked questions regarding the tryout process and the formation of our representative teams.  The questions and answers below are not meant to be all-encompassing and if you are interested in our complete policies, procedures, and guidelines for our representative team program, please refer to the Representative Program Guidelines, which is available to you once you log into your account in our system

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Fee for Tryouts?

There is a $10 fee to tryout for a representative team and that fee is collected during online registration.

How should I register for the tryouts?

Online pre-registration is required for the tryouts.  Families should log into their online account on and select the appropriate age group for tryouts.  Online registration will be available March 1st. If you do not have an account, you can create one at no cost and move forward from there.

How do I know which team my child should tryout for?

All players must tryout for the team that matches their natural age range located on this page.

What if we can only attend one of the tryouts?
While we always encourage interested players to attend both scheduled tryouts to have the maximum amount of opportunities for evaluation, players are only required to attend one tryout to be considered. 

What if there is questionable weather on the day of the scheduled tryouts? 

Updates will be posted by no later than 5pm each day on the Concord Soccer website in the event of questionable weather conditions.  If a tryout is postponed on a particular day, the noted rain date will be utilized as the second tryout.

How many players make the teams?

For the Under 9 -  Under 12 age groups, rosters up to 14 players are selected and for the Under 13 and older age groups, rosters of 14 or more are chosen.  In all age groups, if the total number of players warrants the formation of two teams, two teams may be formed.

How will my child be evaluated during the tryouts?

Players are issued a numbered identification vest at check-in and the coaches and evaluators identify players by their numbers.  Players are assessed while playing small-sided and full-sided games during the tryouts – it is our belief that the best way to evaluate if a player is at the level of a representative team is to allow them to play and evaluate them accordingly.

Where will the tryouts be held? 

All tryouts will be held at the Concord Soccer Complex located at 2503 Naamans Rd., Wilmington, DE 19810.  Tryouts dates for age groups are in the chart above.  Check-in begins at 5:30 and tryouts begin at 6pm unless otherwise noted above.

If my child is already a member of a Concord Representative Team, is it necessary for him/her to tryout?
Players who are currently members of a Concord Representative Team, ARE REQUIRED to tryout for next year’s team.  Teams enter tryouts with a blank slate and players are selected based on performance at the tryouts. 
When does the season start? 

Tryouts are held in April and May in preparation for the upcoming Fall season which begins in mid-late August.  Prior to the start of the season, there is a parent meeting mid-summer to finalize all programming details.

What is the Pool Player offering? 

Some players have ability yet aren't at the level of the other players who are extended an offer to join the team.  For these players, who need training and playing time, the club may offer a Pool Player position with the team.  A Pool Player will train one night a week with the Representative team and another night with a Development team.  The Pool Player will play with a Development team.  The fee for the Pool Player is half the Representative team fee.  This fee does not include registration nor the fee for
the Development Program team.  Parents are required to enroll and make payment during registration for the Development Program team.

What if I want to know more about Concord's Representative Team Program?

Log into your account on (create one if you don’t have one).  Once logged on, select “PROGRAMS and then REPRESENTATIVE TEAMS and then Representative Program Guidelines” from the menu choice.